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UTAS Home Doctor Lila Landowski

Junior Research Fellow

MSP, Hobart CBD Campuses

Dr Lila Landowski is a neuroscientist with the School of Medicine, as well as a science communicator and science advocate. She is the 2015 Premier's Young Achiever of the Year, and a finalist for Young Australian of the Year (Tasmania) in 2016. Lila is currently investigating stroke and nerve regeneration. Lila regularly engages with the community through science segments on ABC radio, public talks and in print and digital media. She taught into courses at the University of Tasmania for eight years, working across various subjects for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Medical Research, Biotechnology, Pharmacy and Science students; as well as coordinating units in the Bachelor of Dementia Care.


As a neuroscientist, Lila’s research expertise is in axon guidance, neural repair mechanisms and therapeutic development for nerve damage. In 2014, after completing her PhD at the Menzies Research Institute Tasmania, Lila trained at the Peripheral Nerve lab at the Mayo Clinic to cement her status as an emerging leader in the field of peripheral nerve injury.  She was recruited to teach and coordinate neuroscience units at the Wicking Dementia Centre at the same time. In recent years, her research focus has shifted from peripheral neuropathy to stroke. She us currently a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Professor David Howells. For several months (from August 2016 - April 2017), Lila spent time as a visiting scholar at the Florey Institute’s Melbourne Brain Centre (Austin Hospital, Melbourne), developing surgical skills and a novel model of stroke to bring back to UTAS. With the support of a $450,000 investment from the Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation, her foremost research goal is to transform the success of pre-clinical stroke research.

Lila has 8 years teaching experience with the University of Tasmania, primarily in undergraduate medicine. Expanding on these roles, she coordinated units in basic neuroanatomy and pathology of dementia for at the Wicking Dementia Centre Academy.

Lila has a strong personal focus on the importance of science communication, public outreach, and community health and well-being.

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  • PhD - LRP receptors in a novel mechanism of axon pathfinding and peripheral nerve regeneration. Menzies Research Institute, Australia (2014)
  • BMedRes (1st Class Hons) - Metallothionein II and III; novel chemotactic cues in growth cones. Menzies Research Institute, Australia (2009)
  • BMedRes. University of Tasmania, Australia (2008)


Professional practice

  • Society for Neuroscience (2012-present)
  • Australian Neuroscience Society (2010-present)
  • Golden Key International Honours Society (2006-present)

Administrative expertise

Unit coordination (maximum class size 577 students).


Teaching expertise

  • CAD304 Negotiated Project in Understanding Dementia (Tutor)
  • CAD110 Negotiated Study in Understanding Dementia (Unit Coordinator)
  • CAD101 Introduction to the brain, dementia, and ageing (Unit Coordinator)
  • CAM304 Neuroanatomy (Practical Demonstrator)
  • CAM101 Histology (Practical Demonstrator)
  • CAM102 Histology (Practical Demonstrator)
  • CAM202 Histology (Practical Demonstrator)
  • CHG105/CHG111 Human Biology (Practicals, Tutorials and Lectures)
  • CHG106/CHG112 Human Biology (Practicals, Tutorials and Lectures)
  • CAM301 Introduction to lab based developmental Neuroscience (Teaching lab techniques)
  • CBA343 Introduction to lab based developmental Neuroscience (Teaching lab techniques)
  • Understanding Dementia Massive Open Online Course
  • Brain dissection and anatomy; Introduction to Medical Science and Neuroscience
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